Albany Medical College, Department of Emergency Medicine
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The Albany Medical Center Emergency Medicine Residency has been in place, and ABEM/RRC-approved, since its inception in 1988. We are a PGY 1-3 program with 10 resident physicians in each training year. Our last RRC visit was in 2006. We were approved for an additional 5 years, the longest approval period currently available.

What makes Albany Medical Center's Emergency Medicine training program unique?

Experience - Our Emergency Medicine training program is one of the oldest in the country, with approximately 140 resident graduates since program inception. A long history for the program means a well-trod path for you as a resident in Emergency Medicine as well as a large network of graduates across the country. In addition, program and department leadership are integrated extensively into all levels of leadership in the hospital and medical college.

A Dynamic Program - Despite our relatively long history as a training program in Emergency Medicine, we remain committed to evolving as our assets and resident needs evolve. For residents, this approach means a program that is flexible to each individual's needs and desires for their training and career in Emergency Medicine and beyond.

It's Emergency Medicine ... - Many programs in Emergency Medicine commit substantial resident time to floor rotations in medicine, surgery and pediatrics, in addition to clinic rotations in medical and surgical specialties. At Albany Medical Center, we believe that the best training asset in Emergency Medicine is our Emergency Department. Therefore, we do not commit our residents to lengthy floor rotations. Additionally, we believe critical care medicine is an essential component to Emergency Medicine residency training. As a consequence, our residents spend greater than 95% of their hospital-based training time in the Emergency Department or Critical Care Units.

A Balanced Approach to Residency Training - The best professionals are individuals who have a perspective on their many obligations and strive toward a balance between their career and life away from the hospital. This balance is a very personal and individualized commitment for each physician. Our philosophy toward residency training is to value this balance in word as well as action. Therefore, our resident work hours, shifts, and schedules allow for development as an emergency physician as well as for one's commitment to life away from residency: children, spouses, and passions that are unique to each resident.